Fitness is Art made Visible. 



FitFusion Boca offers a variety of group fitness classes, including HIIT programs like the very popular Circuit25 or ballet based Barre Fusion. For those looking for a low impact class to engage your core and give you better flexibility, then try out our pilates, yoga and buti yoga classes. FitFusion also has Immersive Spin Circuit Class and Triathlon  intense training to add extra excitement and high-energy to your workouts!

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Personal Training

Personal training at FitFusion is all about you. Commit to training with us, and you commit to yourself like never before. At every step, you’ll be driven by passionate personal fitness trainers backed by the latest science and our industry-leading fitness institute. Our unique  program. Your results.


Group Classes

We have an assortment of group classes to choose from: Athletic Training, Barre Fusion, Boxing & Martial Arts, Golf Fitness, Running, Triathlon Training, Tennis & Yoga.


Golf Fitness

Through discovery, awareness, specific movement drills and repetition your brain and body share a series of ‘Ah Ha!’ moments centered around the single goal of creating the consistent powerful swing you deserve.


Tennis Fitness

Tennis-specific workout system called Ten-Ply.
This is a revolutionary development because it fills a void that has been conspicuously lacking in the tennis world and is appropriate for serious players.



Swimming, running, cycling.



Yoga is about living authentically. It's about finding one's true nature through the practice of yoga and sharing this limitless life force with the world. At FitFusion we celebrate all styles of Hatha Yoga and all levels of practitioners, recognizing that every individual has a unique path to follow and every teacher has a unique gift to offer.

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