Golf Fitness

“Daniel is an expert who helped revolutionize the methods of improving the golf swing by teaching players how to workout and train specifically for the sport of golf."


It takes about 10 seconds with Danny MacNair to realize why he’s one of the most unique personalities in the world of golf. That’s why Tour professionals, aspiring pros, club players and beginners alike trust him to help optimize their bodies for golf and play their best.


Golf And Your Body – What Science Tells Us

Arguably the most complicated 1.5 seconds in all of sport, a consistent golf swing requires messaging, feel and feedback through over 40 miles of nerve pathways involving virtually every muscle and joint of the body to create a controlled high speed crash of clubhead and golf ball at over 100 mph.

The brain sends a message, triggering muscles to create movement in just the right sequence backwards and forwards requiring balance for stability and controlled motion at high speed along a precise path.

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Fix Your Body Fix Your Swing

Because the golf swing happens so quickly, you need to optimize your body for the swing to create a consistent, powerful swing. After years of experience and proven success on the professional tour, Joey has crystalized and simplified effective movement patterns anyone can use to improve their golf swing. You’ll discover and develop your body for golf by isolating individual motion-parts of the golf swing and putting them to the purposeful work of improving your swing.

Through discovery, awareness, specific movement drills and repetition your brain and body share a series of ‘Ah Ha!’ moments centered around the single goal of creating the consistent powerful swing you deserve.