dANIEL mCNAIr: Founder/ master trainer/ physical therapist

Named Sports trainer of the year for the Southwest Circuit of Pro Sport and has been a nominee for Physician of the year for the FCA Sports Council for the past three years.

Danny has enthusiastically practiced physical fitness for over 11 years. During the past 6 years he has actively shared his love for fitness with others.

Macnair has worked extensively with athletes in both private practice and sports venues. He has experience working with a wide variety of fitness levels from total beginner to the professional athlete.



Rokas Navicka: Personal Trainer/ group fitness coach

A personal and group fitness coach, strength & conditioning, speed & agility. Competitive soccer player , weight lifting and body weight training. Strength and cardio focused training. Boxing and wrestling. 



Pini Cohen: Triathlete/ personal trainer 

Long distance running: marathons, ultra marathon, triathlon,  iron man.


Sasha Gerbrandt: trainer/group instructor/barre instructor

Sasha is a certified personal trainer and dancer. She attained a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University in 2014.  Following her graduation she became a personal trainer.   She is a Miami Heat professional dancer Alumnus. She has training experience in strength training, functional training, stability and core focus, yoga, stretching, and Zumba. 

Sasha is passionate about health and fitness: "It is rewarding to be able to share my passion to help someone better their life in more ways by improving the body.

Through physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices, you can grow and take care of your mind, body, and soul. We have one body in this lifetime so why not make it the best we can."



MaryAnn PAYNE: Barre instructor

Maryann has worked as a dancer and performer in live concert dance shows, musical theater, music videos, televised award shows, synchronized swimming, independent short films, onboard cruise ships and at community events and festivals. 
She has worked with and performed the works of choreographers such as Troy Powell, Margo Sappington, Zach Law Ingram, Chuck Davis, Christopher Huggins and Peter London. She has been training professionally at schools and gained scholarships to programs such as Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Debbie Allen Dance Academy and Dance Theater of Harlem. Payne continues her training and performing with 6DT as she strives to cross new boundaries and experience the world through dance.


Robyn Cifuentes: yoga instructor

Born and raised right here in sunny South Florida. Robyn has been involved in fitness all her life. She began practicing yoga in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the practice.

Robyn originally started yoga to lose weight, however realizing it did so much more for her then that. 
The amazing thing about yoga is that you can practice it anywhere, anytime and you do not even need to be on the mat to be “doing yoga”. 
Robyn received her certification through Yoga Journey and has been teaching for over 2 years. 



Brandon Mahone: martial art's expert/ internal alchemist/ tantric and vibration healer

Brandon begin his health and fitness journal as a wrestler and martial artist. After a life threatening injury, fate placed him in a position to learn the most sacred knowledge of healing. Brandon has worked closely with mental illness and autism, while also creating and hosting mindful retreats. Brandon is currently hosting day retreats and kaizen kid's martial arts team .